Bee Nature is a family business located in Melbourne, handmaking 100% natural beeswax wraps. Dana and her family are passionate about reducing waste and on their journey to do so they looked into ways to avoid using single-use plastic items.

As they did, Dana started to make her own beeswax wraps as a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. After many trials, they came up with a recipe that really worked and it was suddenly so easy to replace single use plastic. Soon all their friends and family started to join them on their journey. When they saw that their passion was spreading around them it was a natural next step to start sharing their gorgeous, natural wraps and Bee Nature was born.

Bee Nature’s beeswax wraps are unique because they only use the best quality, 100% pure and natural ingredients to make their beeswax wraps. Pure 100% Australian Beeswax is their main ingredient but the next most important ingredient is dammar. Dammar is a natural resin derived from 2 types of trees known as Shorea Dipterocarpaceae and Shorea Javanica. Similar to beeswax, Dammar Resin has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Most other commonly available beeswax wraps contain Pine Resin which is not as pure and clear as dammar, as it is collected from a larger group of pine trees and other plants. This makes Bee Nature wraps the most natural wrap in the industry.

Bee Nature’s beeswax wraps are not just breathable, reusable, washable, compostable, and keep your food fresh for longer, they also LOOK AMAZING! Dana hand makes the wraps in a range of gorgeous designs that you and your kids will LOVE! Your picnics and school lunches will soon be the envy of everyone around you.



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