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It’s the course parents take whether they have babies or teens, to help them love real food.

In 21 days you could change the way your family eats, supercharge everyone’s immune system, and even change some of the food-related behavioural issues in your children (did someone say fussy eating, brain fog or hyperactivity?).

The reality of our kid’s health is bleak. Chronic disease amongst children has never been higher. Diabetes, auto-immune disease, and chronic infections are on the rise. Intellectual and behavioural development are also being impaired. It seems every second child has eczema, asthma, an allergy or intolerance and we all know this was NOT us when we were kids. Food plays a huge role in our body’s resilience building blocks, so not only are we doing this to make the dinner table experience more pleasurable, but we’re doing this for the potential of our children and theirs down the track, to THRIVE.

Topics covered:

– Pantry Staples, Produce Staples and breakfast – thinking outside the cereal box!
– Immune Function and gut health
– Fussy Eating and getting kids in the kitchen!
– Family meal time – Why it is critical to your child’s real food education and SO much more!
– Additives – how to become a great food detective AND get the kids involved
– Mindful Eating – a lifelong healthy habit
– Lunchboxes from preschool to HSC / A Levels / SAT’s
– Nutrient Density – What it is, what it can do for you and your kids, HOW to pack those nutrients in!
– Body Image – We’re never too young to develop love for our bodies
– How to do real food: out there when socialising or having to gently approach a disagreement with a canteen situation or accommodate a food intolerance or allergy for your child out and about.

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