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Real Food Rockstar

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Being a Real Food Rockstar means ditching the stress, the guilt, the lie of “nouveau convenience” – and instead, truly loving beautiful, natural nourishing food. It also means experiencing a deep inner peace that comes from making friends with your food choices.

This course is for you if you are you’re overwhelmed (read: confused) by all the different diets out there. You’ll be relieved to know there’s no fancy of faddish protocol to be found here. You want to know which foods can potentially heal you or play a powerful preventative role in your life. Perhaps you're unsure as to what food is really healthy and what is just pseudo-healthy! You'll also love this course if you often find yourself getting stressed by the thought of choosing a balanced diet for you and your family, cooking has become a chore or you just really want to learn the best ethical and sustainable choices to make when it comes to food.

With over 17 topics including course reading, videos and further resources, simple daily challenges and a community facebook group, you'll be totally supported and inspired on your Real Food Rockstar journey!

Topics covered:

– Uncovering “real food”, what does that actually mean anyway?
– How to know what (and who) to believe in the age of Google.
– How the food industry has contributed to diseases that are oh so prevalent in our society today.
– How food plays a role in reversing disease, and future-proofing our families’ health.
– We look at each type of food source under the microscope – from meat, fish and vegetables, to fruits, nuts, seeds, fats, grains, sugars and processed food.
– Every day on the course a label is decoded so that you have plenty of practice and know every trick in the book.
– Brain food for your body
– Your definitive guide to REAL food with resources for the UK, USA, Australia and France.
– How to be a Real Food Rockstar and still keep your friends, partner and your kids!
– Real Food for hormones.
– Real Food and weight.
– Real Food for MOJO – get your energy back!
– Real Food for heart health.
– Real Food and gut health. We’re talking all things digestion, allergies, brain and stress.
– Real Food and inflammation
– Real Food for strong children
– Real Food and your community
– Real Food for the planet

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