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The course will help you understand chronic inflammation, its causes and treatments, to better your situation, whatever form of inflammation you’re experiencing ranging from arthritis to MS to mold Illness and more.

People with a passion for natural, toxin-free living are often aware of the huge impact toxins, food and environmental factors can have on their health. By addressing some of these factors in a holistic way through this eCourse, you’ll be on the path to reducing and relieving symptoms of chronic inflammation, pain, illness and low immunity. The course looks at all areas of inflammation including digestive inflammation and gut health, joint inflammation, brain inflammation, mould and CIRS illness, conditions linked to environmental toxins, emotional trauma and the somatisation of inflammation in the body plus so much more.

You’ll be guided through this course with expert interviews, the latest scientific research and 2 week anti-inflammatory meal plan, a practitioner directory plus all of the course modules!

Topics covered:

Inflammation and the Gut – The gut is heralded as the second brain, so it’s no surprise that when digestive conditions, dysbiosis, intestinal permeability and unbalanced gut microbiome can have a huge flow-on effect for the rest of the body. In this topic we explore where things may be going wrong for you and how to make immediate and positive changes.
The Food and Inflammation Index – It wouldn’t be a complete course unless we addressed the huge role food plays in inflammation. In this topic we look at the foods that are causing chaos in the body and those that are best for bringing back some equilibrium, treating disease and illness and nourishing you to good health. To top it off, we’ve created a naturopath approved anti-inflammatory meal plan with recipes for S.O.S inflammation cases and recipes for people who just want to get things back on an even keel.
Environmental toxins and inflammation – We tackle the major environmental factors that wreak havoc on the body. We talk all things mould, phthalates, pesticides and herbicides + how to identify areas in your life where these are causing problems for you.
Trauma and Inflammation – While inflammation is largely physical, it goes without saying that what is happening emotionally and mentally can manifest in physical symptoms. In this topic we discuss how and why managing your stress, emotions and previous trauma can help to relieve inflammation in the body (in conjunction with various other interventions).
Testing for Inflammation – This section outlines the crucial tests required to help you decipher your inflammation symptoms – where they may be coming from, what the causes may be and just how severe they are – and the best bit is you’ll finally have some solid evidence to back your claims so that you can move forward with a treatment that suits you (guided by your health professional, of course).
Supplements for Inflammation – This topic is super helpful if you’re unsure why to take certain supplements and what the importance of them actually is. We break down the best supplements (practitioner approved) to support the reduction of inflammation, improve immune health and increase energy.
Detoxing Gently – When it comes to being inflamed it’s super important to detox at a pace that suits you. This topic explains how to detox in a safe manner and why it’s important to detox in the first place.

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