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Have you got an established business supporting people and their families on their journey to healthy and sustainable life and looking for an audience to promote your services and products?

My Healthy Hub is the online one stop shop that exists to support people and their families on their journey to healthy and sustainable life by providing access to:

  • various information, resources, recommendations and content
  • healthy and sustainable living workshops and events
  • curated collection of services and products
  • community of like-minded passionate change-makers


We are committed to connecting people to truly authentic businesses, causes, brands, and people who do right by people and planet.

I invite in collaboration, the brands that genuinely care about people`s and our planet`s health, have strong values and big goals to move forward towards creating a healthier now and future.

If this resonates with you and you think that your clients feel the same way, then I very much look forward to collaborating with you and getting to know your business.


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You can list your business in My Healthy Hub directory and market place and be found by people looking to live healthy, ethical and sustainable life.

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How does it work?


We don’t take a percentage of your work or charge you for every new client you receive from us. We operate on a simple subscription membership platform. So you can stay in control of your marketing budget and not lose profits.

If you would like the opportunity to work with me and join My Healthy Hub – please submit your business details below for consideration and we will forward you our media kit with information on our packages.

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We will take this time to check out your business to see if we feel it will be a good fit for My Healthy Hub. Please give us 1 – 2 business days to get back to you. Thank you for your application and patience while we explore your business.


I attended the Herbal home remedies workshop as I am interested in natural remedies. The workshop was amazing and exceeded my expectations. After the workshop I also received a goodie bag with different herbs. Now I`m able to make natural remedies at home for my family. I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone.

Tereza Lee

I attended the beekeeping workshop with Ben seeking some advice on how to start in setting my own bee hive. I have been very satisfied with the whole event. It is a great value for money and is well designed. My Healthy Hub hit the nail on the head with the excellent choice of the Lecturer who passed on the plethora of his knowledge and covering all the topics the workshop has promised to cover. It was very informative, educational and with the hands on approach. Lastly, I do want to mention the great hospitality of the “My Healthy Hub”, we felt welcomed and comfortable. I couldn`t ask for a better service. Thank you!

Maria Garland

The reason I attended Herbal Remedies and Ferments workshops was to learn new sustainable techniques how to improve and enrich my family diet, boost and strengthen the immunity and general health of my family. Both workshops were really well structured in a super friendly small group environment where I have learnt step by step how to take control of myself and my family health and well-being. 

We tasted all the food and remedies we made during the session and we had a chance to ask as many questions as we liked. I left the workshop with lots of interesting knowledge from the expert in the field, easy to follow recipes, hand outs and the starter kits to implement all I have learnt. I also find support offered after you complete the workshop very valuable.

I’m definitely keeping in touch with “My healthy Hub” to keep evolving my knowledge and skills to improve sustainable lifestyle of my whole family. 
Looking forward to attending more interesting classes in future.

Lucie Jones

7 Healthy Eating Food Swaps You Can Make Today

Food labels are more confusing than ever. With many products promoted as healthy, but in reality, they hold little nutritional value and are full of chemicals, toxins, additives, colours and flavours.

We’ve done the hard work for you and share our 7 easy swaps you can make today to reduce chemicals and toxins in the food you consume.

This EASY SWAPS ebook contains:

  • Common foods in your household to kiss goodbye
  • Why these foods are not good for your health
  • A handy list of real foods to replace them with
  • Reasons and explanations of their nutritional value.